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Hi! We're Sidekick.

A video studio in Chicago

We’re your trusty companion. Your fearless creative partner. A nimble video team by your side.

We specialize in documentary-style commercials and branded content, mainly for small brands and social causes we believe in; and we like it that way.

Because we think making stuff together and with a purpose is better than going solo.

To put it simple, we love making videos and we think we’re pretty good at it. And like any good sidekick, we’re by your side until the job is done.


Meet The Team


Ben Derico

This is Ben. Director, DP, and occasional Editor at Sidekick. He's interested in people and thinks video is the best medium to tell their stories. He's made spots for clients large and small in the commercial arena, as well as doc work around the world. He's a Spanish speaker and bike rider.  

Eduardo VEA Keating

This is Edu. He likes wearing many hats. He is a Creative Director with 15 years in the industry and awards from Cannes, LIA, and other festivals to show it. But, he’s more than just a regular ad guy.  He’s a dad. He’s a maker. He’s a cyclist. And, yes, he’s a Spaniard.


Grace Hahn

This is Grace. Line Producer and Project Coordinator.  She's all about emails & working with new people. A producer at heart, she thoroughly enjoys watching all the moving parts of a project come together. She's a wannabe cartoonist, an amateur traveller, and an expert vegan.


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